Joyce Thys was born in Brussels in 1980, where her father Johan Thys was a furniture manufacturer. At an early age, Joyce began pencil sketching and drawing. The choice was quickly made, Joyce studied at the Art Academy. In Bruges she continued her studies with increased focus on graphic design.

Passionate about graphic art, Joyce creates as fast as lightning, for the creative Spirit is infinite.

Over time, form and composition became more powerful, more daring, more convincing. She leaves viewers with a refreshed optimism, with the exception of a number of self portraits which can be sad and almost oppressive,yet reaching.

She loves people and what inspires them. Joyce reveals herself through her countless portraits, whose faces move with vigor, provoking communication with the viewer.

Her free authentic style is recognizable by its colorful and playful expressions.

Every work is a story that appeals to the imagination.


KVK: 67771890

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